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Floridian Teen Drivers II


Raise Teen Drivers Age  

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Yes senators from central florida and south florida have gone to the capital to make a bill to raise the driving age from 16 to 17

Proposal: Wait 1 year to drive

A bill would require Floridians to be 17 for a license, 16 for a learners permit.

Linda Kleindienst {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Tallahassee Bureau

Posted February 15, 2006

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That article makes it sound as if it's the fact that drivers are 16 that causes them to have higher accident rates - whatever age they set the limit at will have the highest accident rate. If they boost the age to 17, then 17 yearolds will have more accidents, because they'll be driving with the same level of experience as 16 yearolds presently have. Most 16 yearolds are perfectly capable of learning how to drive.

A driving test is a driving test. If you can pass the test, you should get your licence. If there are 16 yearolds on the road who can't drive, chances are, the test givers are too lenient. Rather than raise the age so that 17 yearolds can drive badly on the road, why not require stricter testing policies to ensure that kids know what they're doing before they get their licences.

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I am all for the raising of the age. I was 17 when i got my permit. I had ton of practice before then (i didnt say i followed the law..lol). But by my 18th birthday i owned a car, and afforded my own insurence. I have not had an accident, and only one moving violation in almost 5 years. I have delivered food for 4 years also, adding to the risk (cross myself, knock on wood). Age matters! And we should force kids to use mass transit, rather than see a vehicle as the only freedom.

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I think raising the driving age is a great idea. They say about 30% of peak traffic in the AM is school related. Get these stupid and irresponsible kids off the road... as well as their parents dumb enough to give them a car. Imagine the gas savings and softening of oil demand.

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I wouldnt want that i need a car now my county gave me a school 10 miles away and my bus stop is 1.3 miles away from my house so i get up at 5:15am to get to school. I have to wait till oct 12 instead of my birthday because of the law u need a permit for a year. Anyway i doubt this will affect us but the people who dont have permits yet will be but i still think 16 should stay i mean if you pass the drivers test then that means you can legally drive another year wont help people from doing stupid things.

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Looking back at it (looking back at current 16 year olds) I cannot believe I drove at that age. I was so young, and not ready to drive really. Putting a 16 year old behind the wheel is putting an enormous adult responsibilty in their hands. Teach them how to drive 4 wheelers anmd boats and tractors first for practice and then let them face the cruelty of Florida highways!

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When NC enacted a 1 year permit (starting at age 15) before you can get a license at 16, statistics have shown reductions in accidents & fatalities all across the board. Improved drivers education & tougher testing is the key, not raising the age.

The age should not be raised to 17 simply because the state of Florida is way too car reliant with a lack of public transportation options outside of the metro areas.

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