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Fairfield County residents trend toward urban living


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Back to the city. Fairfield County, Conn., residents are moving out, and a growing number are choosing destinations that may surprise you. [ProJo.com]

Hmm..My parents have lived in F.C. (the northern part of it) and they only know 1 couple have has moved back to the City but it was Manhatten. My parents have been considering moving to New Haven County (a couple of more northern towns of it such as Southbury/Woodbury) for the last couple of years but they are an exception to the general income of those people.

This is opne land and redevolpment that i know of in the county. Danbury is trying to get approved a complex of 9 story apartment towers very close to city center where an abonded factory is. There is also a 500 acre devolpment of the former Union Carbide Headquarters into a planned urban devolpement. With the soon coming widening of I-84 to 4 lanes in each direction and improvements to local roads, Danbury should contiune its economic growth.

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