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Renaissance Hotel sold for 77 million


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The article above says "an affiliate of Marriott would continue to manage the property under the Renaissance brand"

Okay, so the Renaissance is going through a Renaissance. Should the new owners put a little 2 at the end of the sign, like Renaissance squared?

Is the hotel going to get even taller and skinner? I'm worried about her developing anorexia.

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LOL! Good point. Doorman, has already informed us that Ren. WILL NOT be eating little 'ol James Robertson anytime soon, so that throws that out of the feeding frenzy question.


It could reach over and grab Bennie from his slumber......


Okay, I got carried away...........

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/\ /\ Nice pictures from the 'pigeon palace' as we used to call it years ago when I parked there and worked in the Doctor's Building.

Gawd is it ever a palace for thine pigeons! LMAO..."Pigeon Palace". I told Casey that it is probably the nastiest garage in the city. Filthy nasty!

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