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Utrecht in Febuary


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Again, I took some pics of the (medieval) city centre of Utrecht.

Enjoy these!


That tower to the left is the "Dom" tower, the tallest one in the city.


City Hall at night.


I took a walk along the channels at night.


Lots of streetlife here. On thursday night, lots of students go to bars, or go clubbing. I went clubbing ;)



Today was a rainy day.





Density is right in your backyard!


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I like that first one too; a great collection of buildings.

What are all of the doors and windows in the wall along the river for?


the doors and windows belong to restaurants, bars etc., which are located in 'the wall along the river'.

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This is just the historical center. The rest of the city is (in my opinion) ugly and depressing. It's a good thing the city has a nice historical center, because that compensates the uglyness of the rest of the city.

Yeah that's too bad. Thanks for sharing the nice historical center of town with us though. :D

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Some more pics I took this morning. This is one of the very first days of snow we've had this winter. And it's March already!



I wanted to take some photographs of the uglier parts of the city, but the weather got worse rapidly. So I took this pics of the area around the Central Station, which is considered an ugly area by many. Sorry for the bad quality of this pic.



PS, nevermind the dates on those pics! All were taken on March 1st.

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