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Adventures with Elevation Snow


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What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing it. I needed to see some mountains today. I've seen narrow roads like those before and driven on them many times. Many mountain area residents live on the sides of mountains and often times, the only way up is on roads like those! It's also very hard for emergency vehicles to get up there. :o That's why it's such a big deal to get your street paved if you live on a mountain. It's very beautiful though. As much as I enjoy Savannah, Charleston, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Atlanta and the NC coast, I don't think I'll ever leave the mountains. I'm in Georgia for school right now and I miss the snow and beautiful mountains almost as much as I miss my family and friends. I need to call home tonight and ask if it snowed. :P

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Nice pictures. I've always wanted to ski, but would feel like a fool trying to learn as a beginner in Minnesota.

As far as elevation and snow goes, his has always been one of my favorite pictures, at least in the East:


The mountain is Mt. LeConte at 6593 feet and the city is Knoxville sitting in the Tennessee River Valley at 936 feet.

About the Eastern continental divide--in northern Minnesota there is also a divide where the watershed separates into Hudson's Bay and the Misssissippi River. When you're going camping and see the sign "Hudson's Bay", it hammers home the fact that you're in a real wilderness.

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Those are wonderful pics. I love driving through Valle Crucis and Vilas on the way to Beech, but mostly drive up 105 into Banner Elk. It's awesome to know that someone appreciates the Scenic By-Way as much as I have since I started making that trip from Charlotte to Beech Mtn. Thanks for the post!

Also, you look like you have an appreciation for a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle to make those hairpin turns up the steep grades in the snow. I have to stick to the Truck Route in those conditions. Boo for front wheel drive.

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I lived in the Boone area for 12 years, and those pictures bring back memories.. However, after the 1st couple of snows we (normal working folk) were quite ready for no more snow!! I have pictures from the Blizzard of '93 up there where everything was shut down and buried, I'll have to post a few. The most snow ever dumped on me up there was in Jan. 98, when I woke up to 38 inches of heavy wet snow and no power or water!! :o

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