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M. Brown

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What I don't understand is how ignorant people become of deer while driving down the road at night. They're out there, people! Keep an eye out.

On a recent drive from home to Minneapolis, we saw two dead, mutilated deer on the side of the road, along with a COW.. WHO IS BLIND ENOUGH NOT TO SEE A COW AND HIT IT?

During the summer the list gets worse: Deer, fox, raccoons, squirrels.. I've even seen a bear, beavers, and several muskrats.

I once hit a deer. It was the middle of the night and I was driving down a very rural road and it was icy. I saw the deer run out into the road. I started slowing down but the road was too icy. The deer rolled up onto my hood, and rolled back onto the ground. It looked right at me and got up and ran off (it was fine.. I was only going about 20mph when I hit it).

Another time, we were driving down the road in broad daylight in my friend's car. The deer sauntered out into the road like an 80 year old on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. We started honking, and the deer started running DOWN THE ROAD. We slowed down, but it was too late. We hit the deer in the rear end and it loafed forward. It literally turned around, gave us a dirty look like "What the hell!?!?!?" and then ran into the woods. We laughed so hard.

They're not bright animals.. but seriously.. did these people even begin to brake? Oh well.. the blood spray would have been enough punishment.

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Just think about how tramatized the driver must be. Getting all of that blood and guts spatter on to your face. If you read more of the replys on the page, apparently the deer was originally hit by a van, then the deer was thrown in the air by the van and then the trailblazer smashed into it. I think I see about 4 different organs inside of the car. What a mess.

wheres its head?

The head is one of the halves deer in the second pic. I guess it wasn't that hard of a hit for its head to still be attached. :P

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