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Best side of a Charlotte Residential high rise?


Choose Your Side Preference  

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  1. 1. What's the best side of a high rise? (Assume you aren't looking at the city bus yard or a power substation, etc...)

    • North (get that Canadian air... don't like being sunburned anyway)
    • East (wake with the sun, watch other building's shadow move in the evening, and other buildings glow sunset colors)
    • South (gotta have that southern exposure. Gimme Light! Light! My plants thank me)
    • West (see the sun setting, the weather roll in, and maybe King's and Crowder's mountains in the ditance...)
    • Nope. I won't be satisfied unless I get a penthouse!

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I voted West, but SouthWest would be my favorite. I like the idea of seeing sunsets casually every day. Also, there is at least a chance that we'd be able to see the mountains on clear days.

I'd probably be most interested in seeing the skyline, which ever side it was on. I think my favorite would be something like a high floor in 210Trade, where you could view sunsets, mountains, skyline, and be in the heart of the city.

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