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ANOTHER Huge Frosty Boston Panorama


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Boston from Squantum Neck

Left to right:

Roxbury, Longwood Medical Area, UMASS Boston, the Prudential Tower, IM Pei's JF Kennedy Presidential Library, the John Hancock buildings, the "Grease Pot" vent for the Moon Island sewerage plant, Dorchester Heights in South Boston, downtown Boston and the emerging South Boston Waterfront and the Black Falcon Cruise Ship Terminal.


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Awesome pano! I don't think I've ever seen that perspective of Boston before.

It is interesting how the ice all of sudden just ends and there is an open channel.

I went to the beach in Grand Haven on Saturday, and it was the same way. The ice stretch out about .5 mile from the shore, and beyond that was open water. I'll be posting my pics of that trip here in a few days. :)

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Oh, verry nicea Scott! ;)

That Winthrop one also reminds me of some good times spent there (in area) long ago, too!

Hey, on a tangent - where is the USS Constitution moored at? I had a chance to get to do work associated with the old beauty (a three year assignment,) but, missed out. Major bummer. Woulda loved it.

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