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Lowes Home Improvement to become #3 employer in area.


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I saw a short blurb in the paper that said that Lowes has announced they have revised upward the number of employees at their Mooresville HQ from 8000, to 12,000. Unless I am wrong, I believe only Wachovia and BofA have more employees in the area, and if you add the Lowes employees that are present in the stores, their total employment may exceed that of one of the banks, but I don't know for sure.

Anybody have any ideas on this?

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I hope that they can organize the Mt. Mourne area to become a town with a town center in its own right.

Funny you ask that as this was on the front page of the Lake Norman version of the Observer this morning...

Mooresville planners want Mount Mourne area to be a major employment hub.

It's good this needs to be developed in a better fashion than has taken place in the past. Note the new freeway exit (32). The article does not mention the rail line, but this has also got to help the ridership #s for the N CR rail line.

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From the Chamber of Commerce Web site, for 2005:

1. Wachovia Corporation: 18,967

2. Carolinas HealthCare System: 15,257

3. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: 15,134

4. Bank of America: 13,000

5. State of North Carolina: 6,348

6. City of Charlotte: 5,838

7. US Airways: 5,749

8. Duke Energy Corporation: 5,400

9. Mecklenburg County: 5,373

10. Presbyterian Healthcare/Novant Health: 5,166


12. Lowe's: 4,346


22: Wal-Mart: 2,256


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