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Guess the city


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I'd have to guess Houston for the first one.... I don't recognize the cluster, but there are so many here I wouldn't know them all anyway.... The building in the far top right hand corner looks like the Williams Tower (Transco).... as far as the second pics...i'm not sure? Maybe El Paso, but I think their skyline is juat a tad more dense? But I don't think El Paso would have those green trees.... If not El Paso, maybe Boise Idaho? I'm clueless, when do we get the answers?

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No nono.. you have it all wrong. THe first one is Denver.

And the next must be Calgary because it looks rather arid but it has a few taller buildings, and you can see what looks like a capitol building in the middle.

My only other guess for that would be perhaps Boise, Idaho.. or what's the capital of Washington state?

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