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M. Brown

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This has been explained in a couple of other places but probably not explained completely. I ran SkyScraperAmerica.com under my name and continued to do so with UrbanPlanet.org until May of 2005. This is when I started to realize the legal liability I would have should something arise on the site. In May of 2005 I filed for corporation of UrbanPlanet Institute LLC, the owner of UrbanPlanet.org. The most important part of this is that it protects me from any liability the site may incur but aside from that it provides a way to give back to the site to a further extent.

This site is not cheap to run. At the moment we lease a dedicated server to run the site on. We also have licensing costs for the software and as we add new features to the site we require programmers to be hired to complete the work, all of which is not cheap.

In a nutshell, UrbanPlanet Institute LLC simply offers protection from liability for me and offers a way to offer new features easier and faster to all of our members.

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