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Guest donaltopablo

Well we certainly hope the new site is a great home for many of you, or at least a very nice compliment to the other skyscraper and urban discussion sites on the web.

We're also looking forward to getting our city profiles built (and expanding). Right now you will notice Detriot, Boston, and Atlanta. I assure you as people setup, there will be plenty more.

We definitely want to build on the positive, more educational feeling SSA brought. I know my favorite thing about this forum has always been about sharing and learning about other cities, the good and the bad, not bout who is bigger or better.

If you guys have any suggests, or want to get involved, please PM one of the UP staff!

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We should try and promote this forum as much as we can on other forums.

so you want to be promoted on other forums, that you just claimed you are better than?

Forums are forums, you get out of them what you want. I do think you guys have a nice set-up here, but there's no need to go saying who's better and what-not.

All I ask out of a forum is originality, no need to copy anyone else, and it seems you've kinda accomplished that here, i guess time will tell.

btw, how has membership been going of recent?

just random thoughts.......

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And we changed it already? Wow

Yeah, well there were major parts of the other site that just weren't working. We also wanted to try a different approach that didn't limit us to discussing just American cities. In fact, the change has been very positive...it's the best change we've ever made to the site.

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