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Spartanburg Downtown


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Great pictures!

I really like the presence that Johnson's new bulidings have on E Main combined with the newly rennovated Duke Power building. I think its the Mary Black Foundation. Though I must say that the rendering there makes the building look smaller than it does on the street.

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i really love the architecture of the Church of the Advent. First Pres is really nice too. I like the consistency of Johnsons' new buildings. I think it ties the "look" of the city together when you explore the city and see these buildings that are similar in architecture. Plus I just really like the style of architecture and the fact that it reflects the architecture of the textile mills that were the economic foundation of the city for so long.

I really like the QS-1 building too even though I wish they had built it taller. It would be great if someone could post a picture of the recently renovated Mary Black Foundation building.

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