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Leicester incorporation


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This was reported on WLOS about an hour ago. I couldn't find an article online, so I'll just summarize what was said.

Last night, an incorporation meeting was held at Erwin High School. Their reasons for incorporation are:

  • Community wants protection from annexation

  • Incorporation would let them keep part of the taxes (sales, alcohol)

  • Want to have more of a say in what happens in their community

Incorporation could happen during the full legislative session that ends in 2007; however, if a local lawmaker is asked to introduce it in the short session, Leicester could become a town this year.

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Well I am moving to Leicester in 2 weeks.(I am from Sacramento, California)

Does anyone know the benifits of Leicester becomes a town and the benifits of Leicester being incorporated?

P.S. Looks like Ashville is growing, I know some people that will move to Asheville soon too. I am coming in 2 weeks with my family (5 people total)

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When I first came to Asheville in August 2005 I didnt like how the neighborhoods looked in Asheville. They were either to expensive of to poor.

My dream though is to live on a condo in DT. But I like to live in bigger DTs so I will wait a couple of years until someone builds something nice and tall in DT.

Also I bought 2 properties in Leicester. I want to build what will fit me instead of buying what I can fit into.

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