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Salta, Argentina


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Thanks for the compliments!

The old architecture of Argentina is very beautiful. Back when the country was in its prime, many wealthy people hired Italian and French architects to build for them. Just another reflection of the huge European influence there.

Nice pictures. I remember a gondola going to an absolutely awesome park on the top of the hill (from which I believe your last photo was taken). Salta is an astoundingly beautiful and very friendly city. I would like to visit there again!

Yes, there is a gondola that goes up to a hilltop park. What a beautiful vista! (On the day I took that photo though, I was on horse back ;) ) Are you familiar with any other parts of Argentina?

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Coming from Peru through Bolivia, the European influence in Salta was striking. Your comments about the architecture are very interesting because it felt like an old boom town that never experienced the decline that most comparable american cities experienced in the economic turmoil of the 80's (i.e. sprawl, flight). Despite arriving in the wake of the serious currency crisis the area was safe, affluent and VERY friendly. I enjoyed Cordoba very much as well and was blown away by the size of Buenos Aires (also beautiful). B.A. still reminds me of New Orleans very much.

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Here's a travel section story about Salta in the Sunday, March 19th Philly Inquirer.

Nice write-up, thanks for posting it. I'm glad to see that such beautiful places like Salta are becoming recognized.

I laughed when I read about the coca leaves. Yes, it is sold in little bags everywhere! Try explaining that while going back through customs! :blush:

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