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I think this is kind of exciting news. The actual project is called Cleveland Quarry. The plan takes up about 900 acres of Cleveland Quarry. It stretches from South Amherst, Amherst and Brownhelm. The Plans include a world class golf resort in hopes of bringing in a championship cup, cinema complex, a theater for live performances, a couple of office buildings anywhere from 20 - 30 stories high, 2 world class hotels, around luxury 500 homes and 5,500 apartments. There will also be ofcourse many restaurants and other entertainment. Another huge part of this plan which I think is AMAZING is they are planning on building basically a domed beach. It will be an all year beach which will be domed. The dome would be heated, the water would be the same as the water in the caribean, it will have waves to simulate the ocean, and smooth sand. So you can basically have a mini getaway which will feel like a caribean while it could be snowing out heh. Although I love the snow so im not sure if that's for me but I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy a place like that. It is going to be like a little community within a community. The expected completion date is 2012 and work should start early of 2007. They are still getting some things cleared out because they have to meet with the city again and finalize everything and they still have to buyout some property and start clearing. I can't wait to see this once it's over and done with. I will put further updates on this project as soon as I get them

If you would like more information on this site visit Cleveland Quarry

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Sounds like a great project C-Town!

These ideas really caught my eye:

. . . and a golf course capable of hosting events like the prestigious Ryder Cup. . . . transforming one of the quarries into an allweather beach protected by a huge dome. It would be a manmade
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