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New Orleans mayor's race


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First, I gotta say that I no longer support Nagin. I was a huge supporter of his, but not anymore. Ron Forman has my attention, but I'm not sure I could support him. He was a supporter of Marc Morial. That's got me a little concerned. I like Rob Couig, but he may be divisive politically, not racially. Mitch Landrieu is a polished politician who we could use in Washington D.C., but perhaps not here at home. He seems like the type that would not take a tough stand on certain issues locally. Peggy Wilson is horribly divisive and can't get along with anyone. Her term would be one of complete stagnation on all levels. I don't know enough about the others to form an opinion just yet. Nagin may actually win without a runoff, being that he's the only real black cantidate, and the white vote is split in several ways. Basically, I'm undecided. So, what are your early favorites, and who do you think has the best shot?

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I remember meeting Peggy Wilson at a rally a number of years ago. She seemed nice then, but I have no idea about her record. I'll have to study the candidates to make some sort of conclusion. Of course, I won't be voting either. I really think New Orleans needs someone very strong. As much as I disliked Edwards, there were certain qualities he possessed which might be in demand today.

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