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I've been exploring retirement opportunities. I am an equestrian and hope to have a little farm in the golden years in a place that hubby can go golfing. Therefore I've been investigating the city and county of Aiken. 'Togther Aiken County' has been very helpful with economic/demographic statistics.

My questions to you knowledgable people:

What are the pros and cons of the new equestrian subdivisions being developed (15 are in the works)?

An option for us would be to buy 5-7 acr. plot, hold for 20 years, and either build a little barn and house on the property to retire or sell it for a good profit to live elsewhere if need be.

A subdivision would come with utilities, roads, water, sewer versus a plot of land in the middle of 'nowhere'.

What are the 'up and coming' locations surrounding the city of Aiken? The statistics are showing a huge population shift to the southside, but that may be slowing in the coming years. I"m thinking long term....Location, Location, Location...

Thanks for any insight,


Sorry, I thought this was going to post in the Aiken forum...


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We don't really have an "Aiken" forum, so this is the right place.

I personally don't know Aiken wlel enough to give you an accurate opinion. We do have a few people around who are familiar with the area though. They will stop by sooner or later :)

Welcome to UP!

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