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StarMetro is going through a lot of changes. TalTran was good, but StarMEtro will be great.

One of the very first will be new fareboxes that offer a wider varity of fare media acceptance.

Implementation will take some time, but it has already begun. The Fareboxes are GPS enbaled, which allows StarMEtro the ability to track ridership at every specific stop and count the number of boarding riders everytime it stops. This is going to HUGE!!!! Having that kind of data will be invaluble to assessing service delivery.

Also, with the new fareboxes comes new oppurtunites to produce new fare media. TalTran had some boring fare media, but had no reason to spice it up. StarMetro is taking a page out of the Credit Card company playbook and offering a variety of smartcard bus passes that offer the conveince of having you "ticket" to riding the bus at hand.

StarMero is commissioning desgins now to offer choices. They will soon be available for purchase on the website.

Images of the new farebox, as well as, education sessions on how they work are coming soon.

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