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Springfield Getting Taste of Redevelopment


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I am very happy to see this. I lived in Springfield for many years, family still lives there. There is so much potential in this area. It has recently seen a population and growth boom, not only with residential, but commercial and industrial as well. Believe it or not, there is a lot of money in Springfield, and a lot of it is currently going to new development and re-development.

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it really is, my folks live in the historic district, thats all the houses right off the square. they are amazing homes.

Also in news, being going on for a while now, but worth a mention.

downtown springfield has been undergoing an overhaul. the courthouse is undergoing renovation, the whole downtown area is undergoing numerous projects including, street reconstruction, adding more paralel parking and beautifying the streetscape with larger sidewalks, trees and benches. also the building outsides are undergoing renovation, repainting and the such. such a lovely town.

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I ermember about 15/20 years ago, a movie starring Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash about the James Gang, I believe, was filmed in downtown Springfield on the courthouse square. They laid a layer of dirt over the streets, threw up a few hitching posts and used the buildings just as they were for the background.

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Here are the long delayed pictures i promised. I didnt have the chance to get to Springfield til today, I wasnt able to get any of the Woolen Mills site, but will on Tuesday. Me and my brother are getting together again then to do some more photography of nashville.







Another thin i forget. they are converting the upstairs of these buildings into condos with many already sold and occupied.

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