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Progress Signs Needed in the City


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Ok so this has kind of bothered me. I and many of the people in this formum (especially in the northeast sections) know all about the projects that are happening in Hartford and so when I drive by for example 410 Asylum Street I know Common Ground is working to make residential units. To an out of towner and even suburbanite 410 Asylum may just look like a very nice office building that has seen better days and is now vacant.

My point is I would like to see more signs around the city for projects that are in the works (possibly renderings if availible) to let people know more then the Hartford 21 and Adriaens Landing are happening.

These signs could for example be at 410 Asylum Street, Bond Hotel/Homewood Suites by Hilon, 105-111 Pearl Street (I think thats the address, the building that a NY firm is going to convert in energy efficant condos at Pearl & Trumbull), more signs around COLT, Front Street info, American Airlines Building, Public Safety Complex, YMCA Downtown, Plaza Mayor at Main & Park Street. I know there are more but those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

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I agree with ctman. We need more of those signs like they have all over Atlanta that show you a picture of what the project will look like when it's done so that everyone that comes Downtown knows that there are already comittments for developmemnt all over the place. Especially for the sake of out of towners who will have no idea of what's going on, other than what they hear and see while they are here.

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