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Kansas City, MO leads area in housing permits again in 2005


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Kansas City once again leads the metro in permits issued, leading all other area cities with 2,663 housing permits.

However though it still leads the metropolitan area, area permits issued have gone down since 2004. Kansas City issued 3123 permits in '04 and 2703 permits in '03, a difference of just 460 permits from '04 to '05.

Kansas City, MO now stands at 13,459 housing permits issued since 2000.


If you want to go with a very rough and (probably) incorrect method of detirmining population. KC would have 456,402 people in 2005.

That is about an increase of 14,857 people...

Had 202,334 units built in 2000.

Has issued about 13,459 permits since 2000.

Has 2.35 ppl per household

9.1% of 202,334 units were vacant (increased to 10% for convenience)

202,334 + 13,459 = 215,793 units

215,793 * .1 = 21,579.3 vacant units

215,793 - 21,579.3 = 194,213.7 occupied units

194,213.7 * 2.35 = 456,402.195 population

Now I would not trust that estimate, nor would bet anything on it. Just giving a little estimate of our possible increase in population.

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The number of permits is a bit mis-leading. He leaves out the fact that the largest population area, Jackson County, is still losing population. KCMO occupies 3 counties. More than 90 percent of the new housing permits are in suburban Clay and Platte Countys. Jackson County is the main population center of KCMO and continues to lose population. So it will probably only balance out leaving a level population or only slightly increasing population for the forseeable future.

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KCMOLover, we do not know that Jackson County is still losing population. In fact, MARC did a study and showed that KC has gained many people since 2000 and is close to or past 450k. They estimated between 2005 and 2010 that KC would hit 464k people.

Downtown has grown tremendously over the past years. It has gained a ton of units since 2000 and gained a lot of people.

BTW, not every permit is going to a full house. 10% of all units in KCMO are unnocupied. So figure those will be from 9% to 11% occupied.

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