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New Signature Rendering

it's just dave

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I visited SSP while ago and our old friend, Justin (Sulley/Dallas Texan) has done his research and posted the following pic. I'm not sure where it came from, but take a look at this. A Sounds stadium rendering is included, but probably isn't really close to the real thing, but for the sake of demonstration, works well).

Just look at this! This sucker is enormous.


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That's a great shot. Now imagine that with RMH filled in at the bottom and you're looking at a city.

I noticed in the presentation that was done for RMH that Streuver Bros. showed the Sounds Park with home base in the corner towards DT (northwest?). I guess that would be a quarter turn from the shot above (with first base line along 1st Ave.)

BTW: Where is ole DallasTexan? I guess he got fed up with all of us.

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DT, if you're reading this, thank you. You get all the credit for this find. I'll be on the floor crying with you when I see this in the newspaper. ;)

Justin's in Buffalo, probably up to his cheeks in snow about now. Hopefully, he'll come home someday.

Ha, I just noticed in the rendering that the outfielders had better watch out (in this preliminary shot, anyway). They'd be sure to get run down by the Wilson commuter rail crowd. It's almost funny.

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So wait a minute! Do you mean this is legit? Is this actually a new rendering from the man himself? :shok:

Well notice the copyright in the bottom right corner. That is the company that has done the 3-D presentations of Signature to the public and media. They are based out of Memphis. I can't find this pic on their site either.

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You missed that last meeting..........didn't ya, Lex? :)

I'm still waiting for something official, but in the meantime, I think this is great.

Well, I am trying to get out of work the 4th day of march for the next meeting. Email me some of the bullit points of the last one Dave.

[email protected]

I would love to know some of the things said.

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I saw this last night and had to sleep on it before commenting to make sure it was real. I love it, it is bold (big), dynamic (big), statuesque (big), and not the MP in Louisville (and it is big)! I agree with all of our esteemed urban plannning gurus that belong to UP about street presence and human scale but come on, sometimes big is cool too.

Anyway I had better like it because it is the only thing I will see each morning when I look towards the river. :)

Way to go Tony.

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