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Favorite NE city


Which is your fav NE City ?  

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  1. 1. Pick your favorite NE City

    • Portland, ME
    • Boston
    • Providence
    • Hartford, CT
    • NYC
    • Buffalo
    • Pittsburgh
    • Philadelphia
    • Baltimore
    • District of Columbia
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Originally I wanted to poll large cities all across the US to see how they all ranked compared to one another but since I can only list 15 per poll I will try to break it up into sections. In a few weeks or maybe longer, I will take the ending results and form one MEGA poll.

I am really looking for your picks of best cities based on first hand knowledge - you live/have lived there or traveled there quite a bit. Please give examples of why you picked your favorite city and anything else you wish to add.

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Let's see, I've been to Baltimore, Philly, DC, and NYC. For me, DC actually wins this contest. NYC is just way too big for me, and the cost of living is wayyyyy up there (although DC isn't exactly cheap). DC is very urban, has tons of cultural amenities, is diverse, and is closer to home--plus I know a lot of people there, so I would already have a social network in tact.

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I've lived in Boston, Portland, New York, and Providence. I've visited DC and Baltimore.

Providence is my favourite, which is good because that's where I live now. I like smaller cities, Providence has all I need in one neat package. Plus it's also very close to NYC and Boston for when I do want to get to a bigger city.

Now if the poll had crossed the border and included Montreal, I would have voted differently. Portland is a really great city too, I almost moved back there (or Portsmouth or Burlington) rather than moving to Providence, but I'm glad I ended up here.

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Here's my feeling on cities I know from personal experience or visitng

Boston: Although not as big as NYC, Boston has an array of well known institututions of higher education that are located in Boston, Cambridge and throughout the Greater Boston area (Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Endicott College, UMASS Boston, Bentley, Emerson, etc.). Boston is also home to hundreds of historical sites, quaint botiques, sports teams and features a wonderful theater district.




New York City: NYC is New York City and even though many say it is hard to manage well I personally like it that way. The city is home to major businsses, world class shopping, cultural destinations, sports and theater. Venturing out of Manhattan lets not forget places like the Bronx (Bronx Zoo, Botancial Gardens, Fordham University, Manhattan College, etc.), Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken ( Frank Sinatra, a great alternative to NYC for young professionals and home to Stevens Institute of Technology), and finally the area between White Plains (Westchester County) through Fairfield County in CT which includes White Plains, Yonkers, Rye, Greenwich, Darien and Stamford.



Providence: Providence has experienced a renissance and is classical example of a city that is encountering a mainly positive regrowth. The city is home to a major convention center, an arena that is getting renovated, thousands of new residential units are being constructed, new hotels are opening, there is a major upscale mall in the heart of the city, and there are also educational institutions like Brown University, RI School of Design, J&W University and Providence College.




Hartford: I voted for Hartford, I am a senior at the only private school in the city of Hartford and I know some people get angered when people are biased because for example they live there but there are people who dont like where they live and so I see people who like there cities as positive. Anyway...Hartford is located between New York & Boston (for better or worse) and is home to an array of theater/entertainment/sport venues such as the Bushnell, Hartford Stage, Theaterworks, Dodge Music Center and Rentschler Field (E. Hartford) as well as many musuems including the oldest public art museum in the country (Wadsworth Atheneum) and the country's oldest state house (The Old State House in Downtown Hartford). In my view Hartford is one step behind Providence which has had some of its major investments open for a few years now (RI Convention Center, Providence Place Mall) and is now starting to see new retail establishments, more hotels and even new office space. Hartford has opened a new convention center and hotel, is building a new science center, created a community college in downtown Hartford, moved the UCONN School of business to downtown, is seeing new hotels and like Providence is seeing an array of new residential options from high rise apartments and condos to buildings being restored to new single family homes.





A few New England cities not mentioned but worth noting nevertheless

New Haven, CT: Located on the CT shoreline New Haven is seeing as much state investment as Hartford or Providence but is seeing new retail stores opening in downtown. There are an array of new residential options in the city and New Haven is also most importantly a college town that is home to Yale University, Southern CT State University, Gateway Community College and Albertus Magnus College.




Worcester: Just west of Boston the city has lots of potential as thousands commute from Worcester into Boston everyday. The city is seeing lots of public and private investment and is also home to such places as the DCU Center, Clark University, Worcester State College, Assumption College, Holy Cross and Becker College.

Stamford: Two very differant cities but both along the CT shoreline along between New Haven and New York that are both influenced by New York. Stamford is one of CT's cities that has been doing well and is continuting to do well. Stamford is a mucher cheaper alternative for business (compared to New York City) and is now also experiencing lots of new development including hundreds of luxury residential units.

Burlington, VT: Althoug it is very far north once you get there Burlington is a bustling little city thanks to the fact that UVM and Champlain College are located right on the way towards the center of the city. Burlington sits on the lake and features an mall in the center of the city which features restaurants that are always packed and thre are always people walking around




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Pittsburgh is the best of these, in my opinion. The metro seems like a little hamlet. I mean, it doesn't really seem like a very major metropolitan area, given the significant number of hills the area has. However, that's the charm of it. It also has the best skyline in the northeast, wedged between three rivers. It looks very powerful driving out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Pittsburgh is a great city.

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