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Q Shack coming to Charlotte


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Big Bowl closed because of the Hepitits C fiasco. The Q-Shack was asked to leave Southpoint to make way for the Cheesecake Factory. The original Q-Shack was on University Dr. in Durham and then they opened the additional franchises (the guy from Nana's started it). The owners had a falling out and the one on University is now called the "Original Q-Shack" with the additional franchises now called simply the Q-Shack. Anyways, the food is pretty good although not NC style barbeque.

Original Q Shack

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The Southpoint Q Shack was not the original tenant in that space -- Bear Rock Cafe was. They couldn't make a go of it because they were food court prices (and food) trapped next to restaurants like Maggianos, Rockfish, Champps, Firebirds, and California Pizza Kitchen.

Q Shack came in to fill the void, but when Big Bowl got bit by the Hep C bug, and the Crabtree Cheesecake factory had (and still has) long waits all hours of the day, Southpoint made room by convincing Q Shack to go. That space seemed to be "cursed" but it seems cheesecake heals all wounds. It also has a Hillsborough Street location in Raleigh, so it isn't "mall centric".

Is Sonny's BBQ still around? I never ate there when I lived in Charlotte (late 70s-early 80s) but they seemed to do ok.

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