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William, Dave, and myself rode around today checking out all of the development as Ron joined us by phone! It is really amazing what we will see come out of the ground in 2006!

The Vanderbilt campus is also exploding with development, and the Adelicia is well on the way. I am beside myself with anticipation, and Dave (chauffer Dave) mentioned we may have a suprise forumer join us on Saturday....whom could that be?

I hope all have a good week and take some time to drive around and see whats up! It is truely amazing....watch out Dave! You almost hit that old woman carrying her groceries!

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That's right, Villain....I remember, we had at least 46 degrees that day! That's right at the arctic on the top down guage. We'll do it again when you don't need the scarf and gloves. Of course we still had the "aroma" of the live, squiggly creatures of the World Market still in our nostrils.

Lots of folks downtown today. Pretty cool stuff. Glad you guys hopped in for the ride.

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Thanks guys. I have a long, long history of getting a bit carried away at times. While in college, I drove a transit van and always "toured" the passengers...whether they liked it or not.

1980 and '81 I actually was a Nashville tour guide. nashvillebound, you should print this and show it to Miss Helen. She'll tell you that, although I did get to the advertised points of interest, I was the master of improvisation.

RK, I remember the odd brake noises didn't seem to stop our high elevation skyline views. We could have thrown in a rollercoaster ride at the same time. Throw hands up and scream.

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When I go out on the street its just the "wild man taking to the streets"

Believe me, you can see some interesting things going on. I did want to recap a few things. Edgehill village development going strong now. This is the re-development of the White Way cleaners industrial site.

On Long Blvd, more homes are for sale, more homes either mover or destroyed.

The West End, another section of crane is up. I expect this one to start rising out of the ground soon.

Midtown lofts now working on final floor.

There were a few others but cant remember locations, however there are a few interesting things happening between 21st and Blakemore as far as re development of residential property.

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