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Spartanburg Landfill


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While advertizing sites is not allowed here, the topic of the landfill is certainly valid, and I think it is worthy of its own thread.

What do you think about Waste Management and their goal to make Spartanburg become the dumping ground of the Upstate and Western NC?

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I do not like the idea of creating another landfill though it is necessary. Palmetto, Waste Management's current facility in Duncan, is reaching capacity and will close within the next year or so. The site in Enoree was initially chosen because it would have the least impact on residents and have enough room to dispose of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina's wastes for years to come. I know you will have displeasure from residents against it for health and property value concerns. The fact is a new landfill is going somewhere.

Personally, I think people can reduce the number of landfills by disposing some waste via recycling.

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I really really dislike the idea of landfills. Can they not be made more efficient, dumping less waste? can we not recycle more of it? Every time I drive back to Sptbg from 85S and pass over hwy 29 I get grossed out by the smell of waste. It's disgusting, and not a nice image for our city/county.

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