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Denver - The Cool Places

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I am going to be in Denver next weekend. I have been there before, but it seems that I spent most of my time in the sprawl zone (West of the city, actually Lakewood/Golden). Yet I keep hearing how there are all sorts of cool spots in Denver, and there are so many large scale landscape projects and little neighborhoods. So where are they all?

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Anything that's cool in Denver is within about three mile radius of Downtown, particularly to the east, southeast, and northwest. A few things to check out:

Washington Park

Old South Gaylord

Cheesman Park

Botanic Gardens

Museum of Nature & Science/Denver Zoo at City Park

Old South Pearl

Highland neighborhood

Sloan's Lake Park

Everything and anything Downtown

Cherry Creek area

6th Avenue Parkway (east of Colorado Blvd)

7th Avenue Parkway

Speer Boulevard

Monaco Parkway

17th Avenue Parkway

everything there is within about 4 miles of Downtown.

Enjoy your trip!!

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I would add a couple of places to Infill's great list;

The Stapleton redevelopment is one of the largest in the nation, taking the old international airport and transforming into a very hot housing site.

Likewise, Lowry is a transformed air field that is a great example of what Denver has accomplished in just a few years.

Bowmar is an area that sits on a former mall site.

Anything in LODO, which 10 years ago had very little development. It really is an amazing change!

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I loved Denver this last time 'round, had a blast. it was my first time there in winter, and the downtown area is where i spent most of my time when i was in the city. it was cool to see all the attention this area is getting. i particularly enjoyed exploring captiol hill, the civic park, LoDo and Larimer square. it's funny b/c i actually didn't know anything about LoDo and larimer until i was watching tv in the hotel (it was FREEZING outside, kept going back to my room to thaw :P anyways there was some historic show on and they were talking about the couple who first really kickstarted the preservation of LoDo and larimer square. i looked at the little map of downtown that i'd gotten from the concierge, and sure enough larimer was at the other end of the 16th st. mall, so i put my layers back on and walked back out all the way there. must've been at least 10 below zero, with the wind blowing it felt piercingly cold to me (hey don't forget i'm from LA we don't do this whole cold-thang! :P but anyhow i managed to get some nice fotos before dashing into the nearest safe haven to thaw out, lo and behold it was the rocky mtn chocolate factory. well what a coinky-dink :D

oh and btw, ppl in denver are really nice! must be the friendliest town in the west. i met a former legislator there who gave me the grand tour of the capitol! incredible.. in california you'd be lucky if a legislator even made *eye contact* with you :P

some of my pics of denver and of the rockies under snow are posted on my flickr account:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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