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Where to move in NC?


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My family is thinking of relocating from NJ to NC, and we could really use your opinion. We are looking to purchase a 4+ bedroom newer home for under $300,000, within 30 minutes from a secure hospital in a town with a great school system. Are there any areas you can suggest?

Our main focus would be finding a great school system in a town with a low crime rate. I heard that Myers Park H.S. in Charlotte, East Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Mecklenburg H.S. in Huntersville, Grimsley H.S. in Greensboro and Butler H.S. in Matthews, all have excellent school systems. Can anyone tell me from experience (preferably, those who went through or are in the process of going through these schools currently) how these areas are and if they are affordable for our price range?

Our first priority, is finding a job at a secure hospital for my husband. Wherever we move he doesn't want to have to drive more than 30 minutes to his job. He is a CT coordinator (and was recently offered a managerial position) at a large hospital in NJ. Any information you can provide us on the local hospitals and / or career opportunities would be very much appreciated. Is anyone familiar with the hospitals in NC and which ones are secure? From what we read and heard from some people NEMC: Northeast Medical Center and UNC in Chapel Hill would be very good hospitals to work for.

We are also concerned about the Nuclear Power Plants and would prefer to stay at least 10 miles from any plant, which is considered a safe distance per the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Our favorite things to do is go to is to go to the NJ shore, the kids love the boardwalk with all the rides and games. We also enjoy going to Broadway to see plays. Are there any places like this in NC?

We are really not familiar with NC, only hear say from some people we know who live there.

Please be brutally honest, the more information you give us the better.

Thanks in advance for your help,


New Jersey

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