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Detroit Men Accused In 5,000-Pound Drug Bust

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5:39 p.m. EST February 17, 2004 - Thousands of pounds of marijuana found in the back of a tractor-trailer has two Detroit men behind bars, Local 4 reported.

Henry William, 53, and Otis Bryant, 72, were taken into custody in New Mexico after police allegedly found 5,000 pounds of marijuana inside the tractor-trailer they were driving Saturday.

The street value of the drugs was estimated at more than $5.5 million.

Police say the drugs were stashed by a small load of rotting potatoes.

A truck inspector, who noticed a discrepancy in the driver's paperwork, called a nearby police officer to search the trailer.

The officer uncovered the massive amount of marijuana, according to Local 4 reports.

William and Bryant were arrested and face federal drug charges.

The Drug Enforcement Agency called the arrest a huge victory in the ongoing war on drugs.

"Anytime you get 2 1/2 tons of any drug, including marijuana, you have a very large seizure. It was an excellent job by MTD, the officer was alert, obviously found a good load, a big load," said DEA Special Agent Evelyn Kigles.

The DEA says it's not clear exactly where the men were heading with the marijuana.

Authorities say it was one of the largest drug busts in New Mexico history.

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Actually no I don't. LOL. I'm guessing it is a lot though.

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