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I still have to take more photos of Austria with all the snowcapped peaks around. (Actually, there is snow in Salzburg too, so I guess snowcapped isn't the right word). Anyway, here are 3 pictures from Austria.

The first is of the Traunstein, or known as the "Gaurd of the Alps" because it is the first mountain of the alps in Upper Austria.

The second is a picture of Schloss Duernstein, which is a medieval castle where Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned long long ago. We got to climb around the castle. It was fun.

Third is a picture of the Salzburger Festung, or fortress that was built in the 1400s and looks over the city. It is also interestingly listed as an A-level point of Strategery on George Bush's anti-terrorism list. ;):P

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Here's a few more pictures from the past week.

Keep in mind that Salzburg is 100% snow free, and the hills surrounding the city are quickly becoming snow free. We've had weather around 50*F over the past week and today in particular it was 70*F.

The last picture is taken from Sportwelt Amade in the "Salzburgerland".. we went skiing on 3/26. It rained a bit and snowed a bit, but there were also sunny spells. The picture just offers a nice view of the valley with a bit of clouds thrown in.

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