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There is a list of surface lots in the Statler Hotel demolition progress thread.

United Artists Building

150 Bagley

217,309 square feet

Fine Arts Building (includes Adams Theatre)

48-62 Adams St.

52,489 square feet

Detroit Life Building

2210 Park Ave.

Fox Theater Building

Blenheim Apartments

Hotel Vermont

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heh, don't be too biased when doing your project. It's hard to be indifferent toward a subject like this :rolleyes:

LOL, well actually my friend is doing this project and I kept telling my friend bad stuff about him. It was pretty funny, but everyone thinks he is the one that saved the city. He did some good stuff and yet he has not done a lot. More than half of his buildings are abandoned, come on. But my friend's project is very good and it is not even close to being biased.

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