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M. Brown

Kansas City Development.

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It seems to me that KCMO has more development projects than STL. It seems to me that STL is falling and KCMO is rising. Is this true?

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STL is falling and rising at the same time, KC surpassed STL in downtown project spending about 2-3 months ago especially with the announcement of KC Live!

Our downtown has had 10,000 units proposed/under construction/or built since 2000. In the year 2000, our downtown population was 16,000, so that number, if all the projects succeed will become 26,000.

If you look at STL's downtown site they say their downtown only has 9,000 to 10,000 people. But they have bigger businesses than we do. We have big buisiness like them, but the bad thing is that some are out in the suburbs or still in the city but away from downtown.

IRS will be bringing 6,000 new employees downtown and the Federal Reserve will relocate to another spot downtown (right above the border between downtown and midtown)

If you want to see a whole list of projects go here:


And it doesn't include the two newest proposals for the streetscape and Penn Valley Park master plan. (you can find the projects under KC Development)

Our two tallest art deco buildings are to become the tallest residential buildings in the state, the second tallest art deco building already is under renovation.

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