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Bellagio Gardone condos


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Drove up the construction entrance for Bellagio Gardone and snapped some photos. These are looking fantastic and the view from the side of Piney Mountain is GREAT! :thumbsup: At ground level the trees were somewhat blocking the view, but from the decks it will be unobstructed. Looks toward the Eastside, Southeast and Downtown. These are a great addition to the Paris Mountain / Cherrydale area! :thumbsup:





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Ok, I think that I might have asked this before, but someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that this is in the city limits... :ph34r:

For some reason I think that the condos are in city limits, but Montebello is not. That was a big mistake for the city not to annex montebello area before it was built. Just think if it were in the limits, and if they could even be stretched up to half mile lake

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