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Atlanta Botanical Garden Expansion plans


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There are two stories in todays paper about the expansion and improvements planned at the botanical Garden

Visitors to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in two years will be able to amble through the treetops of its 15-acre woodland on a new 900-foot-long, 45-foot high Canopy Walk to get a bird's-eye view of one of Atlanta's last urban forests.
Walkway will hang with trees-AJC

Construction will begin early next year on the deck, which is part of the master plan's $27 million first phase, to be largely completed by summer 2008. Other features to be started next year are:

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I was thinking you'd be over the treetops (so you could see the skyline) but it's still a very amazing idea. I've never been to the Gardens but I would definitely visit if that is added.

Silly willy :P ....the idea is to study the botanical aspects of the garden not the aesthetic views of the city. Although I do wish we had another observation deck in the city other than the Westin. I know you were kidding though.

The Botanical Garden is a definite jewel to the city of Atlanta. You are in the middle of one of the south's most dense major urban areas yet you can be surrounded by 200 year old mature forest.

To the question Irony asked....yes. The parking garage that you see in the article was the much disputed parking facility of yore. In turn for the parking deck, it was my understanding that the Botanical Garden would donate some land to the expansion of Piedmont Park. This will further enhance Piedmont Park and take away that ugly parking lot that is there now.

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:thumbsup: Yes, Lady Celeste you are totally right, however I had no idea the Gardens had all of this planned. The parking deck was the linchpin to all the expansion and improvement plans for the park, including the push to the Monroe/Piedmont corner.

I totally agree that the Botanical Garden is wonderful, and anyone that has never been really should check them out. I almost always take visitors from out of town there, and all of them have fallen in love with it. The Chihuly show last year was nothing less than a blockbuster, and with all the plans for expansion we've just seen thanks to Martinman, this has the makings of a MAJOR attraction for the city and region.

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