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Carolopolis (a.k.a. Carolina City)


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That's a teaser but I basically merged the skylines of Charlotte, Columbia, Raleigh and Durham to create a skyline for the city that could've spawned if the Carolina's were one. Forgive the sloppyness, it was a spur of the moment thing. :D

You can see more here, Colonial Carolina as a modern day state

It's surprisingly well-done. The Charlotte buildings are about twice as high as everything else there, and in reality a lot of those buildings would be redundant (Wachovia wouldn't have 3 functioning HQs in one city obviously). Then of course there's Greensboro and Winston-Salem, which would also be affected by this.

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^^^I actually reworked the image last night after I posted it and moved a lot of buildings around. LOL at southernyanks BOA comment because I moved it to the middle.

Looks like what I would picture it as. Columbia is still a bit tall, but that's okay. Well done.

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