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can anyone tell me


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I've been looking for a few days and can't find anything concrete, where does Michigan rank among the states as far as tourism:

How many dollars are generated by the tourism industry compared to other states

How many out of state visitors do we get compared to other states.

I have a feeling that most of our tourism dollars are home grown, people traveling instate, vs. out of state visitors. I have a dealine for a school project i'll keep looking

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thanks phizzy,

I have a feeling that almost all of our tourism dollars are Domestic. Meaning, they are people from Michigan Traveling thru Michigan. Do you think we'd rank very high when came to out of state travel? One thing she said in that speech is that alot of people outside our state still view us as gritty and heavily industrial. I'd agree with that. In fact sometimes I feel like the only out of state visitors we get are those darn Illinois people traveling to their cottages along the lake. :)

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