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Developers line up to start projects in SoBro

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smeagolsfree    7010

This is the article that William spoke of during the meet Saturday. There are a number of developers that are eyeing the SoBro area for development. The problem is that some of the developers are looking to develop part of the area that the proposed CC site may go to. One of two things will have to happen. First the council will have to move at a fast pace with the CC center or second find another site for the CC.

Looks as if there will be a number of unannounced residential projects in the works soon. Either way, with or without the CC SoBro is going to change dramatically over the next few years.

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jice    15

From the article:

"Giarratana is also working on plans for another residential building of about 60 to 80 condominiums and first-floor office, retail and possible housing units across Almond Street (which acts as an alley) from Encore and running along Fourth Avenue. Preliminary designs call for the small alley to be turned into a pedestrian-friendly corridor that would have an arcade feel."

Like the Arcade downtown? That sounds cool.

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