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MARTA to become first Subway with Television in North America


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I ran across this article which details the plans to put television and radio into Marta Heavy Rail transit cars which would be a first in North America. While that news is interesting enough, what I find even more fascinating is that the technology is being developed by a local ATL company. This could lead to a new business based in Atlanta for supplying video services to transit companies across North America.

Maybe this would revive and spur interest in an expansion of Marta since this may bring a lot of positive focus on the system.

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I think it's been nearly a year now that the tv's were installed in the trains as well as the buses. Actually the buses have a different program, something called Transit TV - which aims to be a combination of news & entertainment (puzzles & horoscopes), that has also been around for a year.

With the rail tv, you need a radio to scan to the station to hear audio - which is fortunate. But the bus tv is on at all times, which can be annoying. Already though - many of the tv's on the bus are not functioning.

Personally - I don't think this has made much of an impact on ridership. What has / will are station platform monitors that inform when the next train will arive - that is when 'dead time' exists for a transit rider.

About Transit TV - Orlando based company that has installed the monitors on the bus:


And about Rail Network - NYC based company installing the monitors on the train:


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