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Blazers trouble


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Whats going on up there!!! isnt Seattle also in danger of losing their team to another city?

Both teams shouldn't be in danger. They are two of the more successful NBA franchises around. Portland's problem is bad ownership. Seattle's problem is their arena lease is up in 2010 and they currently have one of the worst arena agreements in the NBA.

Why would it be such a bad thing if the team left?

It would be awful. It would be bad for the fans, the city, and the city's image. Nothing positive will come from the team leaving.

I know that Allen doesn't want to leave, but he might be headed to Vegas, KC, or Norfolk.

Allen won't move, he will sell.

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I agree that Allen will not move andwill instead sell.

There is a group putting funds together to make a bid. One person, a former player, has raised around a hundred million dollars already. Granted they need more but sports franchises always get bought. The same thing happened recenty in Phoenix with the Suns.

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i stumbled on this blog which speculates that paul allen could move the trailblazers north if the sonics move to okc -- crazy! Maybe then the new owner could build a better stadium for the sonics/trailblazers who ever it may be.

I always thought that rather then Seattle losing teams that they would soon add the nhl with their close proximity to vancouver would make an excellent rivalry.


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