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Target's Brooklyn Park expansion


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Read the story there.

30,000 new jobs, 3000 housing units, 2 million sq. ft. of retail and a 20 acre park with possibly a library.

Target has stressed that jobs won't be taken from downtown Minneapolis. Still, people are worried about it not being downtown Minneapolis, but you also have to think of it this way: This development will rival downtown St. Paul in density, basically creating a new downtown for Brooklyn Park.

I'm not exactly sure what my reaction is. More blown away than anything, though I suppose, in the long run, this is very good for the Twin Cities as a whole. Just shows that Target isn't always necessarily a bad corporate partner to have around.

The article says that 26,000 of the 30,000 jobs would have a median income of $60,000. Not bad.

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I'm worried Target is giving up on downtown Minneapolis because 16,000 of the 30k are going to be new Target employees. I guess this is what happens when city leaders get in the way of corporate plans.

Here are a few more highlights:

*more than 8 million square feet of office space

*two or more hotels and at least one new park.

*In the past three months, Target has also agreed to provide land for a new Hennepin County Library branch and a new water tower.

*Target will also provide space for a Brooklyn Park police substation.

*Brooklyn Park has estimated the total value of the development at $1.75 billion

*Target will build all of the infrastructure at its own expense

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This is going to be an great addition to the northern suburbs. for years, people have all been headin to the southern suburbs for retails and work and not that this project is going in, I believe that it will even out the metro area quite nicely. it's good to have jobs scattered throughout the area so that traffic goes in two directions not just one.

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