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downtown Shreveport webcam

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Almost every local news station at one time had a link to their tower cams, but now none of them do. They still show their cams on the news, but not on their websites. Well, here is a webcam that is pointed at the Shreveport Convention Center from the headquarters of Praeses, Inc. In order to view the cam you must install an ActiveX control, but believe me when I say it's safe. Praeses is a very reputable technology company in Shreveport. Enjoy!


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^It will be cool to watch the hotel rise on the webcam. I'm definately going to check back to it often!

There was also another webcam recently, but it seems to have been taken down as well. This one belonged to the city of Shreveport and was perched atop the Horseshoe Hotel in Bossier, and I have no idea why they stopped displaying it on their website; it was only up for a few months!!

By the way, I gave an introduction in the 'Introduce Yourself' forum.

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