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Peninsula Transportation


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The good news is that Virginia finally has a rail transportation fund.  However, any transit would have to compete with rail for passenger traffic and container traffic.


The only problem with that is since there is a very finite amount of money to be doled out, each municipality seems to think that they have a better chance of getting funding if they present smaller grant applications rather than one large one.

However, if there is a unified project, it is the Peninsula's since it's meant to encompass Williamsburg, Newport News, and Hampton. I haven't heard anything about Portsmouth and I know Va Beach isn't entirely interested save for an express line to the beachfront (which they'll probably end up using BRT for), so maybe Norfolk should hook up w the Peninsula folks?

I'd guess Norfolk would see doing that as putting itself at the mercy of 'lesser cities' - something I heartily disagree with but I can see something like that preventing real cooperation. But then again, maybe I'm being too hard on Norfolk. I do work here, after all.

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