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IC Goes to Visit the MLK Memorial

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With it being Black History Month (when I took the pictures), I decided to pay a visit about a week ago to the Martin Luther King Memorial and the Sweet Auburn area. Of course you know I took some pictures while I was there ;) So, here they are.

BTW: Over the next few days keep a look out for some other pictures I took of Fairlie-Poplar in the Picture of the Day thread.

So, here it goes...............................

Ebeneezer Baptist Church

The Modern Building


Again With the Skyline In the Background


The Historic Building (Where Martin Luth King, Jr. Was Pastor)


Inside the Sanctuary

--If you ask me, this oe could have come out a little better, but I didn't want to use flash (out of respect) and was, by far, the best of the ones I took.


Stained Glass Window


Martin Luther King's Tomb

Bet You Couldn't Expect This Pic ;)


The Reflection Pool Around the Tomb


Coretta Scott King's Tomb

--Rumor has it that, sometime soon, they will move her somehow next to, or at least with, Martin on the Island Where his Tomb is


It Was a Fairly Busy Day There.......



Fire Station No. 6

--"What is the significance of this place?" some of you may ask. This was the first integrated fire station in Atlanta. It is now a museum.


The Door


A 1927 Fire Truck

--Placed here because it would have been the type of fire truck Martin would have seen as a boy.



A Fire Telegraph


The Precinct That the Station Covered

--Quite an interesting Map of Atlanta from those days. Here is the full size (1728 x 2304)



"Soul Food Row"


Rib Shack


And that is it for now. More to come (hopefully the Georgia Aquarium or the State Capitol).

Any thoughts? :)

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Nice pics IC, thanks for sharing them. Have I asked you what camera you have?

I use a Kodak DX6490. It works great and I love it. It was great for its price where I bought it.

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ironchapman thanks for posting these...I'm planning a trip to Atlanta sometime this year when work will permit & visiting MLK's memorial is one of the first things I want to see.

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