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A Boost to the Mexican War Streets


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The Mexican War Streets are a gorgeous collection of increasingly renovated townhouses and now businesses. It contains The Matress Factory Museum which is one of the best small experiential arthouses in the country. They now have an independent coffeehouse, as well as the Cocoa Cafe at the Museum! To me this neighborhood is reminiscent of Greenwhich Village in New York. Please stop by and visit if you can!


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I noticed this place with a "coming soon" sign when I was photographing the Mexican War Streets in January. This is a very special neighborhood... hopefully more neighborhood businesses will open and thrive as people rediscover the elegance and intimacy of this area.


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That is an excellent article Evergrey! It is really busting down some long held beliefs that transplants do come, are attracted to, and put down roots here in the 'burgh. In fact it is usually the new residents that have the most appreciation for the treasures that really exist in this region!

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Here's another article that puts a smile on my face!


"Basically, we're advocates for getting people to move to Pittsburgh. When people come to visit us, they say, 'I had no idea.' For me it's the culture, and it's so beautiful. The parks are wonderful, and we love all the little restaurants, and the Strip is amazing."

Somebody pinch me. This is a cool, 20-something I'm quoting.

"We have three friends who are moving here, and I'm trying to get my parents to. When they visit [in May], I'm going to show them houses."

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