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Pawtucket mill fire is under control [ProJo 7to7 NewsBlog]

A fire at the Standard Uniform building in Pawtucket appears to be under control and no neighboring homes or businesses have been impacted.

I saw the huge column of smoke around 8:20 this morning. It appeared all of a sudden and it was impossible to tell how far away it was. I actually called 911.

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Random question.....what happened to the trees along Armistice Blvd? There were trees there weren't there? I swear I remember it having trees in the strip lining the middle, nice trees that made the street look more pleasant....then I came back from being out of the country for a bit and now I'm wondering if I'm crazy and there were never trees there in the first place. It is suspicious that there are empty squares of dirt along the middle strip though...... Why in the name of chaos would the city remove these trees!? Does Pawtucket not look industrial enough as it is?

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There were trees up and down Armistice in the median when I lived in the Bucket last summer. They're gone??

The trees were diseased and had to be cut down...I will find out when the new trees will be planted and post on Pawtucket Urban Planet site.

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Events in Pawtucket!!

First, Rocktucket is tomorrow, Sept 25, 2010. Please come down and enjoy music in the City as we shut down Main Street and have a Foo-Fest style good time all day, from 2pm to 11pm. Bands and food and suds abound...


And... for those of you who want to know what is going on in the Bucket, please bookmark LivePawtucket.com, which is trying to be a rather comprehensive calendar of events for the City.

Thanks all.

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