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Wacky un Sacky Street Names

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This Article from the BBC lists Psycho Path in Michigan as the Wackiest street name in the USA. (out of 2500 submitted). Let's have our own contest and list strange street names that you know about. It's not limited to the USA and please give the city name where you found it. If you know the history, even better.
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My city fire department recently changed from a "Number system" to a name system, so all rural roads that were previously just long driveways with no names now have to be named.

At about the same time as this, my uncle had purchased a house 10 miles from town and about 4 months after he moved in, the neighbors sold their land to a company that is excavating gravel from the field, so large blue dumptrucks drive by his house several times a day (at least they did).

So, he narrowed it down to two choices "Blue Dump Truck Trail" and "Skid Row"... the county preferred "Blue Dump Truck Trail" and now my uncle is regretting it every time he has to give his address out.

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Tucson has a Manlove Street, although I'm sure it's named after a person and not...yeah.

However, the most stolen street sign here is Stoner Avenue out on the east side. It has to be replaced about four times per year.

"Player's Club Drive" is the second most stolen sign in town.

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