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Gross Metropolitan Product


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Here's a link to a chart that list all metros and states and their total Gross Metropolitan Product. Just like GDP, an areas GMP is the total value of all goods and services produced by an area. Note that Upstate is ahead of not only many larger cities, but ahead of some STATES in output of goods and services. This was published in 2004. I'll try to find 2005, but doubt it's changed much, if anything, the Upstate may have moved up a notch or two with the growth that has happened.

Click on "Table 3" in the below link.


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Someone needs to double check me on this, but I believe our GMP is equal to that of Vietnam and Morrocco. GSA's GMP is about 26% of South Carolina's Gross State Product. (Columbia is second at about 17%)

Interesting info EDPro! I Googled and found this listing of countries GDP's and right you are.....GSA's economic output is greater than MANY countries.


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