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Adaptive Re-use


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Throughout Lighthouse Communities' target area there are pockets of un/under-utilized industrial property. Much of it was developed around the turn of the century and is woefully obselete. Much of it has turned into cheap storage or worse.

We have some ideas and concepts for re-development, but would love to hear or see examples of creative adaptive re-use from other urban cities. Anybody have any suggestions or examples.

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With all the credit that goes to artists who are great at revitalizing blighted areas, I wonder if GR or a developer here could somehow entice them to move here.

Here was my idea:

Take a cheap old warehouse and convert it into an 'artist

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Some spaces in those old buildings on Godfrey are already used for this purpose. The rent is cheap, it gives the artists a nice big place to work. Its not clean or fancy, its more like a garage, but its better than an empty building, right?

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There is a common misperception about artists and artist communities.

The one thing an artist craves in order to work is PRIVACY. A true

artist community supports the privacy of the artist, not distracts from it.

Dorms - forget about it. There are a lot of people who call themselves

artists who spend more time talking about art than actually making it.

Since art is such a necessarily solitary pursuit, artists do seek out

the company of others. But make no mistake about it - the creative

process is WORK. There are times in that process that conversation

and interaction does take place. But by that time, the thinking and

research and sketching is worked out and then it's just time to 'do' it.

It is that early phase where the creative person just wants to be left

alone to do the thinking - no different than the research scientist,

the writer, the surgeon - and waiting in line to use a bathroom, or even

having to see another person while walking to the bathroom, is wholly

undesirable as even casual contact can disrupt thought and the

entire process. Also, studio space is guarded carefully, as supplies are

expensive and personal. Someone borrowing your favorite 00 sable hair

paintbrush you spent 20 bucks for is like someone borrowing your

toothbrush. "Starving artist" describes artists who spend all their money

on supplies instead of food as without proper supplies the art can't be

made. Studio space cannot really be divided by anything but solid walls.

Those who successfully share space are those who know and trust each

other as well as respect how each works.

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While I would say you cant find a better example of adaptive use then right here in Grand Rapids, but one of the more intriguing examples is using industrial buildings to house museums, and even libraries.

One thing you are not seeing is adaptive reuse bringing in much retail many of these things are turned into apartments, and there will be a saturation point for such projects I am sure of it. We may even be hitting that point.

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And Jeff aproved?! Outraged! I should have been atleast notified, something this big needs to be voted on by the UP - GR crew.

I actually asked him, but he doesn't have the power. Besides, a name change isn't that big a deal.

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You created an identity. Say your name for the folks who have just started in on UP -GR, remind them of who you were and where you're going.... This is undemocratic, I am outraged!

Sheesh, maybe I should have changed my name to torgo112129. :D

Next time I'll hold a public hearing :thumbsup:

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Andy is all good. I once thought you were Andy Guy.


I have no right to use that, but seriously I would like to know if Lighthouse would consider asking the entire community with having a city wide forum for this? Maybe this would be a great way to generate some energy inorder to get the ball rolling?

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