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Virgin Megastore

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I really think it would be a stupid decision for a Virgin to open up in Charlotte or most cities for that matter. I lived near the one in downtown Chicago and would occasionally walk in but never bought anything because of the price. I can pay $10/month and get a-la-carte downloads of music, transfer it to my MP3 player and take it anywhere I go. Last time I was in Virgin they priced their CD's around $17 or $18 a piece. If I really wanted the CD I could go to Amazon.com or Half.com and get it new or slightly used for just a few bucks. No one wants to pay more than they have to for a CD or anything else just for the flattery of it being a Virgin store.

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Not too long ago I spoke with Virgin representatives via e-mail and they told me that they werent doing as well as they should be, and would not be opening any new stores for quite a while. It isnt that big of a deal, no one is missing much unless they like paying more for the same merchandise.

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